About the Book

Birds of the Kgalagadi is a unique publication which showcases many of the bird species in the park. The Kgalagadi comprises a semi-desert environment and is not normally associated with colorful and unusual bird species.

The park is home to approximately 280 species of birds of which only 92 are resident. The remainder comprises of migratory, vagrant and nomadic species.

Book Release and Cost

Birds of the Kgalagadi is a special limited publication and only 100 copies of the book will be printed.  Each book will be numbered and signed. The cost of the book is R490 excluding delivery charges. A separate cost for delivery can be provided at the time of ordering.


Please send me an e-mail on aylmer@polka.co.za or contact me on 0825666984 and I will make the necessary arrangements for supply, packaging and posting. Also refer to my Contact page.