This is what people have to say about Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – A Harsh  Paradise:

A Harsh Paradise is a work of art that the authors should be proud of.
– Gavin and Pat

This book has truly inspired us and we intend to visit this magical place as soon as possible.
– Anthony and Lillian

What a beautiful collection of photographs. The Aylmer’s love of the Kgalagadi shines through on every page
– Margie and Graham

This book is a must for both regular and potential visitors to Kgalagadi.”
– Paddy and Ann

I congratulate you both on what I know is no mean feat. May the force continue to be with you.”
– David






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The idea of publishing a book on the Kgalagadi came to us during the course of one of our earlier trips to the park in 2006.

We wanted to try and capture the changing moods of the Kgalagadi and the creatures which inhabit its environment for others to enjoy and appreciate.

We started thinking about suitable book titles that would capture the essence of the park. The Kgalagadi is indeed a harsh place with scorching temperatures in summer, cold winters, desert sandstorms and spectacular thunderstorms. The result is an environment that challenges even the hardiest of creatures.

In spite of these diverse conditions, the park is a paradise of wildlife. It is home to a spectacular array of creatures from those living in burrows underground to those fighting for survival on the desert surface.With these two concepts in mind, we finally agreed on the title of, “A Harsh Paradise”.

This being our first attempt at publishing a book, we did not fully realise the enormity of the task and the challenges that lay ahead. The first of these, was to obtain enough photographic material that would depict a cross section of animals, birds and landscapes. This involved a number of visits to the Kgalagadi at different times of the year to capture seasonal changes.

The next task was to investigate publishing options. After having approached a number of publishers, we came to the conclusion that the best way of maintaining control of the book layout and intellectual property, was to go the self-publishing route.

This became a major undertaking as we had to decide on book size, cover concept, page layouts, text and captions. We wanted to make the book user-friendly and appealing to tourists with luggage space limitations.

Countless hours were then spent preparing images and conceptualising layouts. The text and captions had to undergo numerous reviews and checks to ensure consistency and correctness of grammar and spelling.

Finally after 4 years, in August of 2010, the first  book was published and we were delighted with the final product.  We have just published an updated version of the first book which has a different design and appeal.  In addition, we have published a book which is dedicated to the birds of Kgalagadi that includes most of the common species found in the park.  We have had extremely good responses from both local and overseas markets and we trust these sample pages will give you an idea of what the book offers.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the book, please go to our contact page.